YouTube Custom Video Thumbnail Service

You make awesome videos. But that doesn’t matter if
your audience isn’t inspired to click PLAY.

Have you ever looked at a video thumbnail and thought…huh? What the hel$* is that?
Well, that’s exactly how your audience is looking at your video thumbnails right now. You’re missing out on hundreds, maybe thousands of video views because you’re stuck with crappy video thumbnails and that’s making viewers skip watching your videos.

Did you know for many YouTube channels suggested videos are the #1 organic view source? We are half data scientists and half artists that have created thousands of custom thumbnails increasing organic views by up to 1,000%.

Vidpow’s Video Thumbnail service is fast and easy – and we work with everyone from big brands to small brands. On the average, our customers experience a 150% increase in organic views just through our custom thumbnail service.

That’s 150% more views than you have right now. Which is awesome.


That’s great, but how does it work?

Glad you asked. It’s this simple:

> Click the ORDER CUSTOM THUMBNAILS button below.
> We’ll custom design 6 different video thumbnails for your video.
> THEN (wait for it) we’ll A/B test the thumbnails to see which one(s) perform best and get you the most views.
> We’ll deliver you the report and finalize your thumbnails.
> To finish, we’ll upload your custom thumbnails to YouTube or send you the final artwork.
And yeah. It’s really only $8 per video

Pricing Per Custom Thumbnail

The more custom thumbnails you order the higher the discount.
For orders over 1,000 thumbnails please contact us.


$ 8.00

Normal Price


$ 7.20

10% Off


$ 6.80

15% Off


$ 6.40

20% Off


$ 6.00

25% Off

Free E-Book: YouTube Thumbnail Optimization

The book is Coming Soon, we will email to you in the next few weeks. 

About Vid Thumbnails

We have over 300 million views to our credit on YouTube and have been working on custom thumbnail since the beginning. Every thumbnail we create is data driven using proven best practices. is a DBA of Vidpow LLC

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